My Top 5 Free Marketing Podcasts That Will Improve Your Marketing Skills

coffeeSo you want to improve your marketing skills and you don’t have the big bucks to work with a marketing consultant? Great I have composed a list of the top 5 free  marketing podcasts that are actually quoth listening to. The best part is that you can listen to them anywhere, in your car, while riding the train or even while working out.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee – Need reliable marketing news on what the new trends are? What the top companies are doing? and strategies they are using? Then Marketing Over Coffee is a great podcast to listen to first thing in the morning.
  2. Antipreneur by Ben Settle – For email marketing Ben Settle  can start you off in the right path by keeping you current clients engaged and gaining new clients. A lot of the tactics he mentions are taught in MBA classes around the country
  3. Call To Action – While the company charges for it services their amazing podcast is absolutely free and new episodes are uploaded every Wednesday tomarketing_smartdiscuss the news in digital marketing
  4. Marketing Smart –  This weekly podcast has a lot of insightful interviews that will take your marketing skills to the next level. Every week is a breath of fresh air with this podcast and a must listen if you are serious about improving marking your blog, site, company or brand.
  5. Social Pros – Social Pros was recently named “the best podcast” at the CMA awards. The podcast has a mix on interviews, analysis and insider tips that home runs weekly