About Me

lloydWelcome to Alterati – The Inside Scoop, a podcasting blog for virtually everyone, from the online entrepreneur to podcasters who want to grow their audiences. Alterati is about your friendly online podcaster who gives useful tips and advice on how to improve your podcasts. This is where you’ll find podcasts on hot and trending topics.

Why podcasts?

Although books have always been the go-to source of information the awesome world of podcasts provides an even richer source that delivers information in an easier-to-digest format. Podcasts deliver all aspects of life from marketing, politics, health, and general lifestyle topics. It is no wonder the use of podcasts is on the rise today. Edison Research and Triton Digital recently reported that the weekly podcast-listening audience in the United States has grown to over 27 million listeners.

True stories

At Alterati, we post true stories and invaluable information that will help you create a highly engaged audience for your podcasts. As a podcaster, learn how best to connect with readers and listeners in almost every industry from Loyd’s tips and advice on podcasting. We cover a wide range of genres, from politics and sports to marketing and just about everything you do to create awareness about your brand, product, or services. And if you are looking for the inside scoop on politics, technology, and much more, then this is the right place to be.