Promoting a Brand with Podcasts

Podcasting has become a fast and innovative way for marketers to promote their brands across the world. When you harness the power of podcasting, your business not only raises its brand exposure but generates more conversions, sales, and loyal followers too. Podcasting is an easy art-form of reaching out to a wider audience at a fraction of what other marketing methods such as TV and radio ads cost. You can easily show your brand to the entire world by creating interesting and entertaining podcasts and promoting them online.

Benefits of using podcasts to create brand awareness

A majority of small and large brands across the world have already incorporated podcasts into their marketing strategies. This is because of the advantages podcasts have over other traditional and digital advertising methods. Let’s consider a few key benefits podcasts provide in your brand awareness campaigns.

Podcasts give your brand a human face

Podcasts give you the ability to present information in audio or visual format, which convey your personality in a way that is stronger than written text. The clarity of your message is clearly felt through actions, in case of videos, or via the tone of your voice in audio presentations. Podcasting allows your readers and listeners to feel your strong personality, passion, and enthusiasm when you speak about your brand.

Subscribers of your podcast are usually after real life stories, valuable information, case studies, and advice. When they see or listen to you as a person, they become even more engaged with your brand and will even recommend your business to friends and colleagues. Building your brand with podcasting can create a viral effect as people continue developing trust and loyalty with your brand.

Podcasts reach a wider audience

Did you know there are literally hundreds of millions of people all over the world carrying around smartphones that are podcast enabled? A podcast message about your brand has a potential to reach millions of people any time of day or night. You can never be personally active and in touch with your audience 24/7 365 days but your podcast can. Podcasts are portable and can be listened to anywhere, anytime. Users can listen to a podcast while driving, on a train, while working out in the gym, and even while at work.

Creating podcasts is less expensive

Podcasts have one thing other marketing strategies lack – affordability. They are easy to create too. All you need to create a great podcast are a computer, a microphone, speakers, and of course an interesting topic.

Podcasts are easy to distribute

Podcasts are easy to create and distribute. You can distribute your podcasts in many sites including iTunes and You can place the podcast on your website as a downloadable audio file too.


Podcasts have a way of enhancing brand loyalty. When your audience tunes to your podcasts regularly they become loyal advocates of your brand. This type of loyalty translates to even more exposure through word of mouth. Podcasts are here to stay. It is time you incorporated them in your marketing strategy.