Necrofuturist #40 – The Result Was Necro Sapiens

by P. Emerson Williams December 4, 2012 Tuesdays

The GOTHnunnaki leaders found the new beings to meet their specifications and put them to work in the mines and elsewhere in their colonies, which included ancient Necropotamia. The first men worked for their goths. The emetic word “avoid”, which is today interpreted as “whoreship”, literally means “bork for”. That was the beginning of the […]

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Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) – P. Emerson Williams Score

by P. Emerson Williams November 20, 2012 Tuesdays
Genuine - The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) - P. Emerson Williams Score

Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire, original German title: Genuine, die Tragödie eines seltsamen Hauses (Genuine, the tragedy of a strange house) is Robert Wiene’s follow-up to his German Expressionist masterpiece The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. What we have here is a 44 minute fragment of what was a two hour film, but I found the […]

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M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ #6 – ı▼ı▲NıP▼Ŀ▲†ı◄NS ◄▼ †HΞΞ ı▼ı▲CHıNΞ ΞĿ▼ΞS

by P. Emerson Williams November 6, 2012 Tuesdays

We are cosmic dust and there is no telling where we end and the machine elves begin, if there really is a distinction. Are the recalled images of electric probes, dark suits, greys, government agents from life or dream? memory or psychosis? It matters not, for in dream or life, most of us remain asleep…. […]

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Music Tuesday: Gothroapocrypha

by P. Emerson Williams October 16, 2012 Other People
Veil Of Thorns - Gothroapocrypha

This is a film created for the JARBOE with BALEYYG show at Fat Out Festival 2012 which took place in Manchester, UK at Islington Mills 25th August. The film was projected into the stage during the powerful performance and was created while listening to the songs that were to be played. It was a great […]

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Malefica Ex Machina – #005 I ▲ı▼ı ‡▼RIO▼S OR▲NGΞ

by P. Emerson Williams August 21, 2012 Tuesdays

In a decidedly psychotronic mood, this edition of M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ brings us sonic colours ranging from necrophilic Giallo to FVRIOVS orange sanguine red. Playlist: ▲ı▼ı▲ – DANCE OV THEE SPACE WITCHES Hive Mind Drones – A.A.N. (Postmortem Felch Mix) (o)thers – Nero Su Rosso PR!$M SyST3M – Highest Heights Glad You Came – GUILTY † […]

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Hypnagothique – Enemy of the Sun Vol.2

by P. Emerson Williams June 19, 2012 Tuesdays

“Det lyser i øyne, brenner i regn. Du dynkes i flammer og sjellige tegn. Den holder deg hatefullt under, Draug med tenner som hunder.” Playlist: Dødens Grøde – Khold Reaping Death – Watain Forebyggende Krig – Darkthrone Nation Of Rats – Total Devastation Joseph – Hordes of Satan Draug – Tulus Dokkemaker – Tulus Wounds […]

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Necrofuturist #36 – cleverly disguised as St. Gotholomew Day

by P. Emerson Williams June 12, 2012 Tuesdays

The current Gothro-Pope and every Gothro-Pope in the history of the Gothronomic Church were conceived on Satinjiz-covered Days or Slack Crabbath Days.If one tries to worship in the Fright-Wigan Faith or follow a Wigs’s Crabbath, it simply isn’t possible because Sagans do not know when the authentic Crabbaths were held and over the decades, they […]

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Hypnagothique – Antiquing Vol.17 – Fallen

by P. Emerson Williams May 1, 2012 Tuesdays

Sounds by the Fallen for the Fallen, in a new house deliberately collapsed. Entertainments for the privileged are under lock and key, but the rabble have the culture of the damned for their diversion. Playlist: A Silken Barb – Controlled Bleeding Durch Schmerzen Zum Orgasmus – Falx Cerebri *69 – Pica Prescription – Sleep Chamber […]

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Necrofuturist #35 – Recalling All Active Agents

by P. Emerson Williams April 24, 2012 Tuesdays

Your kindly host is hard at work in the house of Rlly?Yeh! preparing the sigils & illuminations for his manuscript of madness. So we get more music… This episode brings mainly new tracks from Killing Joke, Grooving In Green, Ankst, Tongue and A Rainy Day In Bergen and an advance listen to forthcoming releases from […]

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Necrofuturist Episode 34 – designed to ensnare thee

by P. Emerson Williams March 27, 2012 Tuesdays

Satan, the prince and captain of death, said to the prince of hell, Prepare to receive P. Emerson Williams himself, who boasted that he was the Son of a Whore, and yet was a man unafraid of death, and said, My soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death. Besides he did many injuries to me […]

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Malefica Ex Machina – #001 – ▲ĿĿ †his WΞ ►I► ł◄R Ŀ◄∇Ξ

by P. Emerson Williams March 6, 2012 Tuesdays

Personae envelop and hollow out their hosts, living on the planet becomes secondary to consciousness, subconscious, suburban, subliminal, subhuman/subservience/subsistence… Playlist: Evian Christ – Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap G∞gle – Purple Kush Gang Gang Dance – Chinese High Nguzunguzu Remix Fire For Effect – Goonchie Blunch Goth-Trad – Alone Warrior GPSYMTH – From […]

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Necrofuturist Salon 32 – the Voice of our starkers subconscious

by P. Emerson Williams February 21, 2012 Tuesdays

When the time is right and the stars align to open the gateway for an ingress of Necrofuturist energies from dimensions outside our powers of perception: then will P. Emerson Williams awaken and flood our consciousness with knowledge beyond front brain comprehension.

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Hypnagothique – Antiquing Vol. 15

by P. Emerson Williams February 14, 2012 Tuesdays

In this edition of Hypnagothique, DJ Vrhovny shows us the priceless pieces he has uncovered in barns, milk crates and old promo lists. Step into where the past is still ahead of us…

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