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solipsistic NATION: Song of the Day

by smallworld June 24, 2012 solipsistic NATION

There’s an old saying that 99% of everything is crap. Theater, movies, literature, etc. And in our case, electronic music. 99% of it is crap. Mediocre. Uninspired. Trite. Cliche. Gutless. Excrement.But here’s the good part—there are so many human beings that statistically there’s an astounding amount of great electronic music in the 1%! So much […]

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solipsistic NATION: #twittermix4

by smallworld April 29, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Welcome to #twittermix4!And here’s the part where I explain what that means. Explaining what it means is actually one of the #twittermix traditions.So here we go…When I first joined Twitter there wasn’t a lot of labels or musicians on Twitter, which made it almost useless as far solipsistic NATION was concerned. But I stuck around […]

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solipsistic NATION: 88:88, Live

by smallworld February 5, 2012 solipsistic NATION

It’s the first weekend of the month, and that means a live set! It’s one of the things I got the most excited about every month. Recent shows have featured performances from everyone from Atari Teenage Riot to Zion Train.Today on solipsistic NATION were going to hear a live in-studio performance from MSSNGDGTS (88:88). But […]

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solipsistic NATION: Earful

by smallworld October 23, 2011 solipsistic NATION

Today on solipsistic NATION we’ll talk with Charles Smith, the co-founder and COO of exfm, an online musical service that I’m very excited about. As you browse the web exfm gathers every MP3 file that you come across and builds a music library for you that you can share with your friends.I don’t get to […]

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solipsistic NATION: Beautiful Hallucination

by smallworld July 31, 2011 solipsistic NATION

Today’s show was originally going to have interviews with Amon Tobin and Dr. Toast about their new albums; an interview with the folks from the Norbergfestival, which is taking place in Sweden this weekend; and an interview with Geeta Dayal about her book about Brian Eno’s album, Another Green World.That would have been a great […]

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solipsistic NATION: Tangerine

by smallworld April 24, 2011 solipsistic NATION

Whew, just barely got this week’s show out and I owe it all to Potion Factory’s Tangerine! software. Tangerine lets you easily create playlists by analyzing the beats per minute and the beat intensity of your music.Between work and interviewing people for next weeks big show featuring the likes of Skinny Puppy’s Ogre, Marilyn Manson’s […]

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solipsistic NATION: Polis

by smallworld April 17, 2011 solipsistic NATION

Today’s show is a soundtrack for an imaginary movie set in an imaginary city. Think Bladerunner’s LA meets William Gibson’s Sprawl meets Tron: Legacy.Our first track is “Community” by PVT from their Church With No Magic album released by Warp Records. In my movie, PVT’s “Community” would be the music that you’d hear at the […]

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