Feens Live

Freedom Feens: Ignorance is No Excuse for the Law

by P. Emerson Williams December 1, 2012 freedom

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi deal with horrible technical problems that are not on their end, finally give up trying to be live and just do a show for the sake of doing a show, because the show must go on. They talk about how the cop who warmed hearts giving boots to a […]

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Linux, Guns, Porn, and Microphones Oh My!

by P. Emerson Williams November 25, 2012 freedom

Michael W. Dean spends Thanksgiving being absolutely devoted to proving that “the show must go on.” Chandler St. Pierre substitutes for Neema Vedadi (who is with family) as co-host. Chandler and Michael talk about microphones and audio tips, Mumble, Linux, guns, printable guns and the people who hate them, open carry of guns, concealed carry permits, hunting, punk […]

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