Solipsistic Nation: Acroyear

by smallworld January 21, 2013 solipsistic NATION

Good grief! I had a four-day weekend and it took all four of them to produce today’s show, never mind the hours spent arranging and preparing for the interviews featured on today’s show! That’s the problem with the star-studded-ultra-mega-cool editions of solipsistic NATION, they’re totally worth it but that still doesn’t make producing the show […]

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solipsistic NATION: CRL Studios

by smallworld January 13, 2013 solipsistic NATION

Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to select tracks from CRL Studios and talk with the label’s founder, James Church. You may be more familiar with him as Lucid Static. If you’re new to solipsistic NATION you might be under the impression from last week’s and today’s show that all I play is […]

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solipsistic NATION: …And Darkness Came (Slight Return)

by smallworld December 23, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Each edition of solipsistic NATION is evergreen because they rarely make any mention of current events. There’s no talk about the latest tragedy, the latest scandal or the latest war because solipsistic NATION is place for at least an hour every week where you can get away from all of that, where it just about […]

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solipsistic NATION: Michael Maricle, Live

by smallworld December 9, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to live in-studio performance recorded by Michael Maricle! Michael has been recording and performing his music for a while now but I only just discovered him when a promotional copy of his recently released The Heart Found You album was sent my way for review. Michael’s music […]

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solipsistic NATION: Even Drones Can Fly Away

by smallworld November 25, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Today’s show we’ll been listening to noise and sound. Some of it, like Boyd Rice’s Sick Tour, is blistering and could reduce a cinder block to dust in mere seconds. Some of it, like Kingbastard’s “Danlan Speaks” could lull you to a deep, luxurious sleep. Some sounds like the sound of a 56K modem are […]

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Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) – P. Emerson Williams Score

by P. Emerson Williams November 20, 2012 Tuesdays
Genuine - The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) - P. Emerson Williams Score

Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire, original German title: Genuine, die Tragödie eines seltsamen Hauses (Genuine, the tragedy of a strange house) is Robert Wiene’s follow-up to his German Expressionist masterpiece The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. What we have here is a 44 minute fragment of what was a two hour film, but I found the […]

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Music Tuesday: Gothroapocrypha

by P. Emerson Williams October 16, 2012 Other People
Veil Of Thorns - Gothroapocrypha

This is a film created for the JARBOE with BALEYYG show at Fat Out Festival 2012 which took place in Manchester, UK at Islington Mills 25th August. The film was projected into the stage during the powerful performance and was created while listening to the songs that were to be played. It was a great […]

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solipsistic NATION: Herd

by smallworld August 19, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Today on solipsistic NATION we’re going to listen to an absolutely gorgeous mix from Jason Thomson, AKA, Herd. It’s beautiful and it’s haunting and I know you’re going to love it!I was really looking forward to having Jason on the show but he felt it best to let the music do the talking for him.This […]

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solipsistic NATION: Everything Merges with the Night

by smallworld July 8, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Okay, folks, plug in your earbuds and grab your seats because here we go: on today’s show were going to talk to both DJ Jenny LaFemme, who with Maggie Derthick produced Girls Gone Vinyl: The Untold Story of Female DJs, a documentary funded through Kick Starter and Geeta Dayal about her charming and illuminating book, […]

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solipsistic NATION: Metal Postcard Records

by smallworld June 17, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Last weekend I headed up to LA with my friend. No particular reason, we both just needed to get out of San Diego. Don’t get me wrong, San Diego is a slice of paradise but it is lacking in some of the cultural amenities.I wanted to see Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman perform their Hollywood […]

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solipsistic NATION: Tapage, Live

by smallworld June 3, 2012 solipsistic NATION

Tapage is Tijs Ham and he’s our guest on today’s show.While I’ve always enjoyed his music, I think he’s really matured as an artist and as a musician with the release of Overgrown, his latest album on Tympanik Audio. All the elements that Tijs has worked with the last couple of years—the soundscapes, breakcore and […]

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solipsistic NATION: Shanti

by smallworld May 27, 2012 solipsistic NATION

On today’s show I’m handing the virtual wheels of steel over to Praketh, who has lovingly selected tracks from Audio Aashram, one of the only labels operating out of New Delhi that sell, promote and manage various artists and different styles of alternative electronic music. They also stream three different kinds of chillout music at […]

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solipsistic NATION: Undiscovered Country

by smallworld May 20, 2012 solipsistic NATION

I have spent over 12 hours producing today’s show. This last surge of nervous energy is only going to last so long so let me give you the low down on today’s show before I collapse into a quivering heap of exhaustion.First off, I want to say goodbye to Adam Yauch, or as we know […]

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