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Armed with the complete Inner-X-Musick cassette catalog… your host, the lovely, talented and nude TheeBradMiller brings you musick from the cassettes! Every month a new show will be featured focusing on a different aspect of Inner-X-Musick cassettes and the infamous cassette culture.
Cassette Culture


The John Zewizz Radio Show – Hosted by the infamous John Zewizz. Each show will included information on upcoming SLEEPCHAMBER events, programming, and new releases. You can expect to hear lots of unreleased material as well!

Necro_{FUTURIST} Salon

From my arcane and unwholesome researches I had determined that the Necro_{FUTURIST} Salon was the work of mainly one man, if a mortal man he truly was, yet he had recourse to mechanical slaves, strange instruments of metal and electricity…

In his last years, Williams dwelt in Damask silk, where the Gothronomicon (O Az-If) was written. In art, in the Dictionnaire Infernal, P. Emerson Williams is depicted as a nude man with dragon-like wings, hands and feet, a second pair of feathered wings after the main, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a wolf or dog.

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M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ 007 – ı▼ı▲KΞ ı▼ıY ►▲Y, SP▲CΞ P▼NKS

by P. Emerson Williams January 8, 2013 Tuesdays

Playlist: ▲ı▼ı▲ – Dance Ov Thee Space Witches ENER Y DECI – DONDE DONDE Mater Suspiria Vision – The Trip Garden of El Diablo SLEEP CHAMBER – The Nun (Fetish Convent) Nikhil Singh – CLUB DED Densetsu Stream – We Both Are Cursed LAKE R▲DIO – Shortwave Bruxa – Human Minds Poison Tongue – The […]

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Operation Payload – Free Compilation From GRIMTOWN RECORDS

by P. Emerson Williams December 11, 2012 Tuesdays

  We knew it would happen. We were waiting for it. Just like our parents and grandparents. We knew it would happen. The final showdown between the communists and the capitalists. But DEFCON 1 never came. The wall crumbled. The Soviet Union imploded and NATO just stood there. 1999 came and went, and no king […]

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Necrofuturist #40 – The Result Was Necro Sapiens

by P. Emerson Williams December 4, 2012 Tuesdays

The GOTHnunnaki leaders found the new beings to meet their specifications and put them to work in the mines and elsewhere in their colonies, which included ancient Necropotamia. The first men worked for their goths. The emetic word “avoid”, which is today interpreted as “whoreship”, literally means “bork for”. That was the beginning of the […]

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Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) – P. Emerson Williams Score

by P. Emerson Williams November 20, 2012 Tuesdays
Genuine - The Tale Of A Vampire (1920) - P. Emerson Williams Score

Genuine – The Tale Of A Vampire, original German title: Genuine, die Tragödie eines seltsamen Hauses (Genuine, the tragedy of a strange house) is Robert Wiene’s follow-up to his German Expressionist masterpiece The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. What we have here is a 44 minute fragment of what was a two hour film, but I found the […]

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M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ #6 – ı▼ı▲NıP▼Ŀ▲†ı◄NS ◄▼ †HΞΞ ı▼ı▲CHıNΞ ΞĿ▼ΞS

by P. Emerson Williams November 6, 2012 Tuesdays

We are cosmic dust and there is no telling where we end and the machine elves begin, if there really is a distinction. Are the recalled images of electric probes, dark suits, greys, government agents from life or dream? memory or psychosis? It matters not, for in dream or life, most of us remain asleep…. […]

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Necrofuturist #39 – Sekrets Ov Thee Gothnunnaki

by P. Emerson Williams October 30, 2012 Tuesdays

I can not tell you too much about myself, simply because it would easily identify me in the Necrogroups I belong. What I can tell you is that I am an active member of several secret Necrorders, beyond the mainstream regions of Freegothronry into the higher forms of the inner order of Necroluminati. FARC = […]

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Hypnagothique – Großturwaller Muzikanten [special]

by P. Emerson Williams October 23, 2012 Tuesdays

The year is 1999, a small village next to Budapest, Hungary. Törökbálint in native language, Großturwall in German. Both names appear on the plate at the village entrance. After fleeing the bombardment of their hometown of Novi Sad, they reconnect at this very village. Having being friends and collaborators dating back to 1989, and Gaspar […]

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Music Tuesday: Gothroapocrypha

by P. Emerson Williams October 16, 2012 Other People
Veil Of Thorns - Gothroapocrypha

This is a film created for the JARBOE with BALEYYG show at Fat Out Festival 2012 which took place in Manchester, UK at Islington Mills 25th August. The film was projected into the stage during the powerful performance and was created while listening to the songs that were to be played. It was a great […]

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Necrofuturist #38 – Those in the outer tier adore him as a NecroMan

by P. Emerson Williams September 18, 2012 Tuesdays

Above the altar is a thorny veiled Figure, whose name is P. Emerson Williams. Those in the outer tier adore him as a NecroMan; and in the next tier they adore him as a NecroGoat; and in the next tier they adore him as a NecroRam; and in the next tier they adore him as […]

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Malefica Ex Machina – #005 I ▲ı▼ı ‡▼RIO▼S OR▲NGΞ

by P. Emerson Williams August 21, 2012 Tuesdays

In a decidedly psychotronic mood, this edition of M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ brings us sonic colours ranging from necrophilic Giallo to FVRIOVS orange sanguine red. Playlist: ▲ı▼ı▲ – DANCE OV THEE SPACE WITCHES Hive Mind Drones – A.A.N. (Postmortem Felch Mix) (o)thers – Nero Su Rosso PR!$M SyST3M – Highest Heights Glad You Came – GUILTY † […]

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Hypnagothique Totalis Eclipsis Solis

by P. Emerson Williams August 7, 2012 Tuesdays

Blackened Edition Vol.7 – Some Tuesdays you just wanna scream… DJ Vrhovny has kindly assembled some hell-seared souls who will do it for us.

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Necrofuturist #37 – Necrodancing among the pillocks

by P. Emerson Williams July 24, 2012 Tuesdays

There appears immediately from the Gothronomicon a tremulous golem of scarlet fire, twirling forth, rebounding, crying aloud. And about it are four golems of green and blue and gold and silver, each inscribed with writings in the character of the dagger. And the golem of fire is Necrolancing among the pillocks. Now it seems that […]

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M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ – #004 – PHΞNG◄PH◄Bı▲

by P. Emerson Williams June 26, 2012 Tuesdays

Blood is but part of the design scheme. Light is everywhere, obscuring stars, illuminating dirt, highlighting what we have become, obscuring that from whence we came.  Playlist: Veil of Thorns – Bloodlust (Phengophobia) segment 1 †HAT WAS †HEN †HIS IS NOW – SANCTUARIUM CRO¥DON – V▲▲D▲▲ (CRO¥DON ¥ BL▲CK † CEILING) Venom Vampires – A […]

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