The small WORLD: interviews with people from all walks of life from all over the planet. Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

Host Bazooka Joe interviews everyone from sandwich makers to filmmakers. Previous guests include science fiction writer and Boing Boing co-editor Cory Doctorow; I.D. magazine’s editor-in-chief, Julie Lasky; co-founder Martin Stiksel; Jesse Thorn, the host of The Sound of Young America; and Mike Haeg, Mayor of Mount Holly (population 4)!

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smallWorld: B & J – Swingers

by Joseph Matheny February 11, 2011 smallworld

Early smallWorld archive show about “swingers”.

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small WORLD interview with Richard M. Smith, Digital Privacy

by Joseph Matheny January 28, 2011 smallworld

Interview with Richard M. Smith. We discuss how to tell if someone has been reading your email;; finding out what kind of emails the National Security Agency and what email providers might be helping out the NSA; is President Bush overstepping boundries on domestic spying?;

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smallWorld: Martin Stiksel of Last.Fm

by Joseph Matheny December 31, 2010 smallworld

Interview with Martin Stiksel, co-founder of of the

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smallWorld: Alternative Relationships

by Joseph Matheny December 17, 2010 smallworld

3 parts: interviews with several polyamorous couples and one woman in an open relationship.

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smallWorld: James Howard Kunstler, The Long Emergency

by Joseph Matheny December 3, 2010 smallworld

Interview with James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency.

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smallWorld: Jeffrey J. Kripal

by Joseph Matheny November 5, 2010 smallworld

Interview with Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion.

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smallWorld: Adam Weissman on Freeganism

by Joseph Matheny October 22, 2010 smallworld

Interview with Adam Weissman of

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smallWorld: Logan’s Run LEGO Diorama

by smallworld October 8, 2010 smallworld

Hey, everybody, got a great show for you today! Our guest is Keith Goldman and he builds amazing LEGO dioramas. Today’s show is an enhanced podcast so you’ll get to see his dioramas on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or on iTunes and see for yourself how amazing they are.

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smallWorld: The Freeform Ensemble perform Terry Riley’s In C

by Joseph Matheny September 24, 2010 smallworld

California composer Terry Riley launched what is now known as the Minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic In C in 1964. This seminal work provided the conception for a form comprised of interlocking repetitive patterns that was to change the course of 20th century music and strongly influence the works of Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams as well as rock groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Curved Air, Tangerine Dream and many others.

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Ultra Rigs of the World

by smallworld August 15, 2010 smallworld

Today on the Small World we’ll talk with Roger Snider of Ultra Rigs of the World.

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smallWorld: Corporate Bloopers

by Joseph Matheny July 30, 2010 smallworld

Interview with Jim White. We discuss corporate bloopers; The Circle of Success; affairs in the work place; values in business; embezzlement in a religious organization; the IT hostage situation; mission statements; planning and accountability, detoxing your to-do list; his careers as a consultant; how many hours a week he puts in at work; what he does to relax.

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smallWorld: Sonic Cinema

by Joseph Matheny July 2, 2010 smallworld

Interview with Jack Ward, co-founder of Sonic Cinema Productions.

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smallWorld: Cory Doctorow & Ian McDonald

by smallworld June 4, 2010 smallworld

We’re going to talk with Ian McDonald about his book, The Dervish House, that will be released in July through Pyr. We’ll also talk with Cory Doctorow about his latest novel, For the Win, a book about gamer kids all over the world who use multiplayer games to organize and fight back against abusive employers by forming a union.

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