Dave Szulborski: World’s Most Prolific ARG Developer

by Joseph Matheny January 24, 2012 ARG

My late friend , writing partner and contributor to this very site, Dave Szulborski, has been named as the World’s Most Prolific ARG Developer by Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition. “Between 2001 and 2008, pioneering American game designer Dave Szulborski (1957-2009) worked on a total of 13 major ARGs, starting with “Majestic”, EA’s attempt to create an […]

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Dave Szulborski Tribute at ARGFest 2009 (Special GSpot video interlude)

by Joseph Matheny August 19, 2009 ARG

A tribute to the late Dave Szulborksi, a pioneering Alternate Reality Game developer, storyteller and puzzle writer. Credits: Music – Dave Szulborksi Video production – Michelle Senderhauf and Dee Cook Higher quality versions at: Pilotlite MP4 podcast/download version below.Related Posts19 Nocturne Boulevard – PromEvil, part 1 of 4 We Live In Public Happy Friday

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Viral Infucktions

by Joseph Matheny September 17, 2008 ARG

Viral Infucktions James Curcio. Viral marketing. It’s become a buzzword that most people don’t understand, but more corporations are getting hot under the collar when they hear it. “I don’t know what this thing is Bob, but the kids love it!” And if you haven’t heard the term before, or don’t know what it is… […]

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Six to Start: We Tell Stories

by Joseph Matheny April 4, 2008 ARG

Six to Start: We Tell Stories Wes Unruh What Penguin Books (actually, what Six to Start) has done is re-arrange the expectation of the reader at an even pace to introduce ARG elements in a compelling way. These new forms of stories are coming into their own… and with the looming New Depression, the best […]

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Fallen Nation: Audiobook episode 7

by jcurcio February 13, 2008 ARG

Jesus’ dreams from within the hospital, part 2, and the escape. Agent 139 was riding a camel in Egypt when the screeching woke him. He adapted over his committal to the tortured circadian rhythms of his neighbors. Those not under sedation whimpered, hissed, screamed, lectured, barked denials at their dreamscapes until Wake Up at nine […]

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So, About NIN…

by Joseph Matheny October 10, 2007 ARG

So, About NIN… Wes Unruh Trent Reznor just got all of his toys back under his control. 08 October 2007: Big News Hello everyone. I’ve waited a LONG time to be able to make the following announcement: as of right now Nine …

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ARGs in the Real World

by Dave Szulborski September 22, 2007 ARG
Embrace the Chaos

ARGs in the Real World Upcoming Special ARG Events You Don’t Want to Miss Dave Szulborski I’m taking a brief break before finishing up the Dark Side of Alternate Reality Games series to let you know about a couple of very special ARG events coming up in the near future. If you truly …Related PostsThe […]

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The Hidden Elements

by Dave Szulborski September 15, 2007 ARG

In my two previous entries on the subject I’ve tried to dispel some of the misconceptions about the ”Dark Side of Alternate Reality Games”, including the beliefs that they are inherently: a) evil, b) mind control exercises, c) hoaxes, d) corporate funded marketing campaigns, or e) any combination of the above.

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Myths and Misconceptions

by Dave Szulborski September 1, 2007 alternate reality games

In continuing on with this “expose” about the Dark Side of Alternate Reality Games, let’s begin by addressing that little gem of wisdom quoted above. It’s full of enough misconceptions to easily fill up another column. So let’s look at some of the stated and implied meanings about ARGs in the quote, and see how they hold up to a few facts and exposure to the truth.

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The Blame Game

by Dave Szulborski August 25, 2007 ARG

It’s finally happened.

In some ways, I’m surprised it took so long.

Someone has at last discovered the darker side and true hidden purpose of Alternate Reality Games.

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The Rise of the ARG

by Dave Szulborski August 18, 2007 ARG
01-18-08 ARG for new J.J. Abrams movie

The Rise of the ARG Alternate Reality Games are Everywhere! Dave Szulborski If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience the unique thrill of immersing yourself in an Alternate Reality Game (or ARG) yet, you couldn’t pick a better time to do it than right now. ARGs are literally popping up everywhere, from major …Related […]

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Real Life Rabbit Holes

by Dave Szulborski August 11, 2007 ARG
Real Life Rabbit Holes

Real Life Rabbit Holes The World of Szukalski Dave Szulborski When I’m speaking to groups eager to know more about Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), I often begin by trying to explain how the name isn’t really a very good match to the experience offered by many ARGs. For one thing, they don’t look and …Related […]

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Living the Game

by Dave Szulborski July 28, 2007 ARG

Living the Game An Introduction to ARGs, Part 3 Dave Szulborski Last time I loosely defined ARGs as a form an interactive story, and further broke them down into their core components Related PostsFailed Assumptions Creating My Reality

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