19 Nocturne Boulevard

19 Nocturne Boulevard is an award-winning anthology audio drama series in the tradition of such classics as Lights Out and Quiet Please (or more recently, the Twilight Zone). Stories range from horror to sci-fi, from the distant future to the wild west, from sheer fantasy to dark social commentary.

Written and produced by Julie Hoverson, 19 Nocturne Boulevard was a finalist in the Parsec Awards, and won the 2008 Mark Time gold award for “Best Sci Fi Audio Drama” for its episode “The Outpost”.

19 Nocturne Boulevard podcasts twice monthly, on the 10th and 20th. Click here for a schedule of upcoming episodes.

The Jingles

by Joseph Matheny May 18, 2011 19 Nocturne

Life is a dream…
…Or is a dream life?

Life is just a dream, duh-dee, dah-duh-dah, spend my whole life loving you, bah-dee-bah-dah-dah, promise to be true – LIFE would be a dream, sweetheart – hello, hello again, sh-boom it’s a wonderful day again….

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19 Nocturne: Another two for one

by Joseph Matheny April 20, 2011 19 Nocturne

Another 2 for 1 day on 19!

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19 Nocturne: 2 for one day!

by Joseph Matheny April 6, 2011 19 Nocturne

19 Nocturne: 2 for one day!

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A Date With Dana

by Joseph Matheny March 23, 2011 19 Nocturne

Artificial intelligence and a blind date. What could go wrong?

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A Jury of Her Peers

by Joseph Matheny March 9, 2011 19 Nocturne

A woman stands accused of killing her husband; none of the men investigating understand why.

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19 Nocturne: The Leech

by Joseph Matheny February 23, 2011 19 Nocturne

Classic era science fiction about a very odd visitor from outer space.

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19 Nocturne: A Tropical Horror

by Joseph Matheny February 9, 2011 19 Nocturne

A Tropical Horror (adapted from a story by William Hope Hodgson) – Ship, meet sea serpent, sea serpent…. meet buffet

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Wit & Wizardry

by Joseph Matheny January 26, 2011 19 Nocturne

In the regency world of manners, mores, and miss Jane Austen, a pair of sisters use a touch of magic to help their widowed father find something he lost long ago.

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19 Nocturne Boulevard: Night Patrol

by Joseph Matheny January 12, 2011 19 Nocturne

War is Hell.

A group of soldiers sometime recently in the desert encounter the return of a fallen comrade.

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19 Nocturne Blvd: Childhood Trauma

by Joseph Matheny December 29, 2010 19 Nocturne

Ben, a disturbed young teen, finds a kindred spirit at his new school. But will it be enough to help him recover from his past?

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19 Nocturne Blvd : Seance

by Joseph Matheny December 15, 2010 19 Nocturne

Jazz-era debutante Hannah believes her father was murdered, and will stop at nothing to prove her convictions and unmask the culprit!

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19 Nocturne: Splinters of the Gate

by Joseph Matheny December 1, 2010 19 Nocturne

Gerald, Jane, and Annie (from Bride of the Minotaur) return to face another supernatural baddie in Victorian London.

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19 Nocturne Blvd: The View from Within

by Joseph Matheny November 17, 2010 19 Nocturne

Another dinner party with the Lovecraft 5. And one extra…

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