Operation Payload – Free Compilation From GRIMTOWN RECORDS

by P. Emerson Williams on December 11, 2012

in Tuesdays


We knew it would happen.
We were waiting for it.

Just like our parents and grandparents.

We knew it would happen.

The final showdown between the communists and the capitalists.

But DEFCON 1 never came.

The wall crumbled. The Soviet Union imploded and NATO just stood there. 1999 came and went, and no king of terror from the sky did come.

Download Compilation here.


1 Ryder Farms – Birds, Bees and Bombs
2 Jarboe / Sephid Tzefala – One Way Street
3 Blitzkrieg Baby – Children in Uniform (Aymeric Thomas Remix)
4 (o)thers – Black Lions
5 Ragefuck – Christmas ist Krieg
6 Atropine – Blast Tense
7 Veil of Thorns – Harvest ov Souls
8 Proteque – Bright War
9 The Deluminated – War of the White Machinehead
10 Dead Skull – Red Stone Years
11 Gird_09 – Sigint/Humint (Radium Edit)
12 Intercom – The Promised Deadland

December 2012.

Maybe we’ll finally get our apocalypse.

Pray for Nibiru!

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