M▲ĿΞ‡IC▲ ΞX M▲CHIN▲ #6 – ı▼ı▲NıP▼Ŀ▲†ı◄NS ◄▼ †HΞΞ ı▼ı▲CHıNΞ ΞĿ▼ΞS

by P. Emerson Williams on November 6, 2012

in Tuesdays

We are cosmic dust and there is no telling where we end and the machine elves begin, if there really is a distinction. Are the recalled images of electric probes, dark suits, greys, government agents from life or dream? memory or psychosis?

It matters not, for in dream or life, most of us remain asleep….


Choronzon – Mind.Control (Peeling.the.Layers)
ϟ†Nϟ – 19th Call – ß Nß
Aparition – Shrieking Departure in my Opal Eyes
Modern Howl – What You’ll Do Next
C – Universal Omega
Gorgeous Geordie – Blue Waffle
CROSSOVER – Wraith In The Woodz (Silver Strain RMX)
Dark Mother – drowning the light
Fostercare – Siamese Entropy
Kreayshawn – Summertime
Neurotic Wreck – Night Moves
Shisa – Sun Flower
ß GNß – Somnium Remix
WΔ$T3D TR!∇NGL3S – The Drop
ZΘN – The Silver Children
Choronzon – MK-TANTRA

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