If Voting Changed Anything, It Would Get You Droned

by P. Emerson Williams on November 8, 2012

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi spend election day not voting and using their last few hours of legal free speech to explain why If Voting Changed Anything, It Would Get You Droned. They also talk about why this is the most important podcast episode of our lifetimes, how Iran has never threatened America or Israel, why all government IS a conspiracy theory, why moral atheists are more moral than moral religious people, how to replace a tube in your pre-amp, how to use a ladder, why baby squirrels are awesome, the great new podcast “Off the air live“, watching The Shield but cheering for the drug dealers and booing the cops,Stateless Sweets OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD! We highly recommend them to everyone, how if we didn’t know about drones we’d consider them a conspiracy theory….Same with a lot of what the government does, including the electoral collage,A.C.A.B. all cats are beautiful, all coppers are bastards, always carry a bible, Russiananarchist gangs, Russian anarchist gang Bitch wars, idiots on the Internet, and why you should donate to and torrent the Feens.

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