Freedom Feens: Libido Dominandi

by P. Emerson Williams on November 10, 2012

in freedom, freedom feens

Michael and Neema have a cluster-fark of epic proportions, everything technical that can go wrong does, but they still do a pretty good liberty-oriented show anyway. They talk about voters saying “NO!” to stealing more tax money for a useless library, Libido Dominandi, how horrible Democracy is, how Iran does not want to kill you, wonder why the hell anyone would want to help buy drug dogs for cops who can’t afford them, wonder when Obama will do a big gun grab to throw all the Romeny voters in prison, the lunacy of “meth project” billboards, Colorado and Washington legalize pot and wouldn’t it be funny if the thing that actually leads to the 10th Amendment showdown that all the gun folks want turns out to be weed?, analog computers, the wonders of the online vacuum tube museum, free Feen movie torrents, and the joys of being both puerile and serious at the same time, i.e. Bathetic.


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