Freedom Feens: Doing Nothing Is Better Than Doing Evil

by P. Emerson Williams on November 14, 2012

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how the Federal Reserve promises they’re keeping “our” gold safe, Obama’s bug-out bag, Dick Cheney’s dick, Obama executive order just before Hurricane Sandy puts all state and local police in hands of FEMA during a disaster, cool pro-DDT documentary 3 Billion and Counting, Debbie Gibson, Sci-Fi Channel, Peaceful Streets Project, watching cops, Cracker’s song “Low“, and David Lowery being an i.p. nazi, slang words for guns, Kurt Cobain liked Michael’s old band Bomb, Obama stimulates economy in gun sales – Maybe he owns stock in the gun companies, who in Westfield NY is a Feen fan?, will people in Washington and Colorado in prison for pot be freed?, TSA is unionizing, how Jullian Assange says “Reelected Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing“, U.N.’sWorld Health Organization Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity, Obama’s possible plan to jail everyone who votes Republican so he can have a third term, and how Natalie Merchant is anti-littering as well as anti-gun. We also hear Michael’s song “I loved you then I died” from 1987 with Bomb, and his 1983 song Drone from the band “Michael” a.k.a. “The Day I Lost My Virginity.”

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