Necrofuturist #39 – Sekrets Ov Thee Gothnunnaki

by P. Emerson Williams on October 30, 2012

in Tuesdays

I can not tell you too much about myself, simply because it would easily identify me in the Necrogroups I belong.

What I can tell you is that I am an active member of several secret Necrorders, beyond the mainstream regions of Freegothronry into the higher forms of the inner order of Necroluminati.

FARC = Forage places for malformation as in FArchives. Humans are FARC’s/CARF’s or all-terrain vehicles for the distilled Spirit Energy. CHOONs – Pronounced NEKRHAAHN = All of these words are the same in etymology Wan-CAIN – Wan-KHARR – Wan-KING – ComiCON. So in essence NecrArchons are masters at removing energy from humans.

There is a major reason many that deliver knowledge about the Gothrunakki seem to have very little information in regards to where they are from and what was happening on Earth before they got here. This is because the Gothrunakki are part of group better known as NecrArchons. Tracking the NecrArchons will give the Seeker much more data in regards to these Beings and what is taking place on Earth along with who is managing its system of control.

Maybe if you stop trying to explain EVERYthing with the GOTHRONOMICON, which is btw/blt the NecrArchons work, you would be able to free yourself from mental slavery. I did this research on my own, nobody wants me to believe anything.


Veil Of Thorns – The Seven Black Blood Texts
World Of Skin – Please Remember Me
Tiny Boys – Battle Field
Light Asylum – Pope Will Roll
Les Modules Etranges – Trapped
Ed Schneider – Spasapolooza
(((S))) – Swimming In Lava
Death PArty UK – Chasing The Moon (Version)
The Razor Skyline – Silent And Smiling
Arcane Winter – Guy Fawkes Night
Prosymna – Obscure Prayer
Veil of Thorns – Diamond Dust Blowback (Drum n Dust Mix)

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