Coincidence Control Network: File #015

by sittingnow on March 7, 2012

in Coincidence Control Network

This week: Was Bin Laden buried at sea, clink a glass in memory of Phillip K Dick, Don’t piss where you…garden, RIP Ralph McQuarrie, props to Syria and Marie Colvin, The Krampus strikes back, Kim pets pussies, Invisible cars, Americans get all 1993, The Crowley/Hubbard connection, and Kim’s jealous Rubik’s rage!

Personnel - Joseph Matheny,  Kim MonaghanJoe Nolan and Ken Eakins.

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Links you love:
  • Bin Laden not buried at sea? - Link
  • 30th Anniversary of PKD’s death - Link
  • When in France  - Link
  • Star Wars Artist Ralph McQuarrie dies - Link
  • Shout out to Syria and RIP to my acquaintance Marie Colvin - Link
  • Return of the Krampus…bitches - Link
  • Japanese Cat Fanciers get ..catty - Link
  • Invisible Car. The future now! - Link
  • More Americans now believe in global warming - Link
  • L.Ron and Uncle Al, sitting in a tree…- Link
  • Kim’s a Rubiks Noob - Link

Musical Interludes

Musical Interludes

Hail Krampus!

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Jo in Canberra March 12, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Wow this show has it all….Crowley, tentacles, kittens and invisble cars. All hail Eris.

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