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by smallworld on February 26, 2012

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One of my resolutions for 2012 is to infect as many people as I can with the meta virus that is solipsistic NATION to as many people as possible.

When I first concocted solipsistic NATION I had no idea how far the contagion would spread. While solipsistic NATION features the best of all genres of electronic music it is a specialized format that will only infect those who are susceptible to that particular virulent strain. Furthermore, solipsistic NATION uses podcasts as a delivery mechanism to bypass the blood–brain barrier, narrowing the scope of the meta virus.

I had developed a potent show. All I could do was release it into the world and watch its vectors grow… and spread.

I always knew solipsistic NATION was a quality show. I work damn hard on it, after all, and the music and the interviews are great. And as solipsistic NATION has mutated, it has infected more and more people surprising even me how many people it had reached. solipsistic NATION was getting over 47,000 downloads a month in 2011. I saw solipsistic NATION in a new light. How far could it go? I wanted to find out.

Enter Bob Rogers, founder of TaintRadio.

solipsistic NATION already podcasts on the Mevio and Alterati networks and now streams on TaintRadio

TaintRadio is an international alliance of independent producers dedicated to presenting music and music-related programming on the Internet 24/7. If Taint Radio has a format, I guess I would call it freeform. I come from a freeform background myself as a DJ from WMFO and I’ve always applied that approach to solipsistic NATION, which makes solipsistic NATION and TaintRadio a perfect fit.

In the short time I’ve been listening to TaintRadio I’ve been blown away by music and the DJs I’ve heard on the station. I tell you this with all sincerity, if you want to listen to some incredible music selected and curated by fantastic DJs, tune in. You can catch solipsistic NATION on TaintRadio Thursdays at 2PM Eastern and Saturdays at 11AM.

I invited Bob Rogers to join us on today’s show to tell us more about TaintRadio and he joins us from the TaintRadio studios in Raleigh, North Carolina. Also joining us to talk about his Bot Box boxed set is Brian Botkiller from his underground lair in New Mexico.

Brian is a friend of the show and appeared on solipsistic NATION when I did a segment on the Oscillation electronic music festival that he organized in New Mexico. Brian has just released a boxed set that’s an anthology and collection of his works from 2002 to present.

Today’s show is especially contagious. Help spread the virus that is solipsistic NATION further and wider. If you think the show is good, tell your friends about it. Tweet it. Like it. Play it at work. Play it at home. Loud.

Join us again next week when we’ll be treated to a live set from Centrifuge recording artist, Velapene Screen!

Photo Credit: © Angel

  1. Mos Dub “Ms. Vampire Booty” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Roots Manuva Vs Wrongtom “Dutty Rut”
  3. Zeller “Zion Asteroid”
  4. Interview with Bob Rogers, founder of TaintRadio
  5. rozz3r “348844″
  6. RaaskalBOMfukkerz “AAN / UIT (with DJ Basel)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  7. Mid-Air “Perspective and texture remix”
  8. Malachai “Snake Eyes”
  9. Igor Boxx “Breslau”
  10. ZenWest “Explosion of the Now”
  11. Brian Botkiller “Welcome to Postwar USA (Featuring En Esch)”
  12. Brian Botkiller “OCCUPY”
  13. Interview with Brian Botkiller
  14. Brian Botkiller “Mind and Space”

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