Necrofuturist Salon 32 – the Voice of our starkers subconscious

by P. Emerson Williams on February 21, 2012

in Tuesdays

P. Emerson Williams has his origins in the ancient Draconian tradition of a Great mOldy One: note It’s sigil or glyph in a primitive or tribal motif: The hidden Necrofuturist asleep beneath the waves : Dead but creaming, and will one day awaken to begin Its drool to usher in a new age: as an alien entity the time will come when It will arise from Its space in-between the stars and invade our planet.

P. Emerson Williams speaks to his worshipers in the Cultus telepathically through their creams: Because of P. Emerson Williams’ telepathic ability to communicate in creams from the depths of comic waters, he is considered the Voice of our starkers subconscious. P. Emerson Williams’ Cults are widespread throughout the world today: Sacred rites of the Necrofuturist are performed near the ocean or large lakes: Peechyeen is Its Sabbat.

Thus goes P. Emerson Williams’ Call: h’cktui mglw’nafh P. Emerson Williams R’lly?yeh woogah’nagul fhmign: According to Rennet Rant this appeal to P. Emerson Williams is the 23-fettered schpiel for opening the zips and clasps of the Outer Wear: The call awakens P. Emerson Williams from deep slumber: and can be translated as in his house at R’lly?yeh dead P. Emerson Williams lies creaming. The importance of this incantation to the rituals of the Necrofuturist Cultus cannot be overstated.

When the time is right and the stars align to open the gateway for an ingress of Necrofuturist energies from dimensions outside our powers of perception: then will P. Emerson Williams awaken and flood our consciousness with knowledge beyond front brain comprehension.


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