Coincidence Control Network: File #007

by sittingnow on January 12, 2012

in Coincidence Control Network

This week – Arson in Hollywood, Time-Cloak Technology, any excuse to nuke Iran, file-sharing recognised as a religion, SOPA and it’s oddball partners, the ‘Enemy Expatriation Act’, Britain wins at surveillance, join the Illuminati, Vermin Supreme turns you gay…

Competition winner announced!

Personnel – Joe NolanKim MonaghanJoseph Matheny, and Ken Eakins.

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Show Links

Hollywood Arson


Iran Story

File-Sharing Religion

SOPA’s bedfellows

Enemy Expatriation Act

Saving your DNA

Global Information Network

Vermin Supreme for President

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ENKI-2 January 12, 2012 at 8:54 am

The subtring ‘kopimi’ in Kopimiism is pronounced “copy me” — so Kopimiism should be pronounced “copy me-ism”. The church of Kopimi is actually fairly old (I joined several years ago), but it’s hit the newswaves again recently on account of the swedish government recognition.

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