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by smallworld on June 4, 2010

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Hey, everybody, I’ve got a great show for you today!

We’re going to talk with Ian McDonald about his book, The Dervish House, that will be released in July through Pyr.

The Dervish House combines Islamic mysticism, political and economic intrigue, a terrorist threat, and a nanotechnology with the potential to transform every human on the planet. The Dervish House takes place in Istanbul in 2027. The Dervish House is seven days, six characters, three interconnected story strands, one central common core—the eponymous dervish house, that pins all these players together in a weave of intrigue, conflict, drama, and a ticking clock of a thriller.

Ian is a science fiction novelist who’s themes include nanotechnology, postcyberpunk settings, and the impact of rapid social and technological change on non-Western societies.

We’ll also talk with Cory Doctorow about his latest novel, For the Win, a book about gamer kids all over the world who use multiplayer games to organize and fight back against abusive employers by forming a union. It’s a wonderful book that I couldn’t put down.

Cory is a blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who serves as co-editor of Boing Boing, a blog and directory of wonderful things.

You can download a free electronic copy of For the Win and Cory’s other novels at his website but I encourage you to support Cory by purchasing at least one of his books at your local or online bookstore.

Music featured on today’s show:

  1. Futuristic Sex Robot “WoW” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
  2. Backini “Istanbul” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Next time on the small WORLD we’ll talk with Corey Olsen, host of The Tolkien Professor Podcast. Corey is a professor at Washington College and a PhD in medieval literature and The Tolkien Professor Podcast has made me appreciate Tolkien in new ways. Even if you’ve never read The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings I think you’ll enjoy The Tolkien Professor Podcast.

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