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by smallworld on May 21, 2010

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Chris GondekToday’s show is unique for two reasons: I recorded it on location rather than over Skype in the small WORLD studios. Okay, that’s not so unique but any excuse to get outside and get some sun is good enough for me. The other reason today’s show is unique because my guest is Chris Gondek who is a net friend. We all have net friends these days but they are scattered across the country and across the globe that’s rare that you’d ever meet any of them.

So let me tell you about Chris.

I moved to San Diego by way of Boston and like most transplants I try and keep touch with my hometown. Some people will read their hometown newspapers online or follow their hometown’s sports team. Me? I listen to the MIT Press Podcast.

I never attended MIT but I was a regular patron of the MIT Press Bookstore. It’s a great place! Where else are you going to pick up the Autonomedia‘s Jubilee Saints calendar, a copy of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and books like a collection of essays about sampling digital music and culture like DJ Spooky‘s Sound Unbound under one roof? The MIT Press Bookstore, that’s where!

So when I found out that the MIT Press Bookstore had launched a podcast I subscribed immediately.

The MIT Press Podcast was a reflection of the bookstore. The podcast featured interviews with various authors and the Podcasts were eclectic and erudite. I was also impressed with the podcast’s host, Chris Gondek. Chris asked insightful and interesting questions. More importantly, it was clear that he has actually read the books by the people he was interviewing. That is unbelievably rare and as a fellow interviewer I appreciated that.

Later I started listening to a podcast called Twitterhood. I really enjoyed Twitterhood because the show feature informal and brief interviews with really interesting people like Guy Kawasaki and Jesse Thorn. I thought the host sounded familiar and when I sent out a request to be a guest I discovered that Twitterhood’s host was none other than Chris Gondek, the MIT Press Podcast.

The interview with Chris was fun but I had even more fun afterwards talking to him about the art of interviewing. I almost never get to talk shop so it was a blast to be able to compare notes with a fellow interviewer. When I found out that Chris was coming to visit San Diego I simply had to meet him! I also wanted to return the favor and interview him.

So enjoy today’s show. And while you’re at it, subscribe to Chris Gondek’s main show, The Invisible Hand, where Chris interviews authors about business management books.

See you next time when my guests will be authors Cory Doctorow and Ian McDonald.

Until then, take care.

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