Explosions Near Canada, Mormon Sex Slaves, Martial Law in Arkansas, & Bigfoot

by Joseph Matheny on August 15, 2008

in Week In Review


Let’s start with the Bigfoot discovery in Georgia and the subsequent bigfoot news conference that was held today and carried live on CNN

According to BFRO.NET this is a hoax:

Here’s how it got

Here’s how it

And here’s the costume used for the fake
dead bigfoot

Moving along…

Have you seen this yet? It’s only the most watched video on PilotLite, probably funnier than any of the drek you’ll find playing right now on cable:

There’s a lot of good shit
buried deep in Pilotlite.

If you need more video than that, bookmark these three Esoteric Sciences Roundtable episodes that Phase II brought to light.

I have to point out that there was yet another beheading since the last week in review
this time in Greece, where the decapitator wandered around a village carrying the head after the fact.

The Blob somehow seems to almost make sense of this madness… I’m getting to wonder if I should set a google alert for decapitations in my area.

So the woman who cloned her dead dog five times in Korea?
Turns out she was the Miss Wyoming who 30 years ago fled Britain after having chained a mormon ex-boyfriend to a bed and raping him — thee “Mormon Sex Slave” case of ’77:

For his part, Anderson claimed that he’d been kidnapped at gunpoint (albeit a replica), forced to have sex while chained to the bed (and twice more unchained), and that, despite being six foot four and 240 lbs. (110 kg), had never resisted. “I had made a plan for my release,” Anderson testified, “but it wasn’t through running away. I was going to cooperate.” Even after his ordeal, when McKinney and May drove him back to London and a long lunch in Trafalgar Square, he still cooperated.

After deliberating, the Surrey magistrates decided that McKinney and May should stand trial on kidnap charges but granted McKinney bail. Outside the court she declared her innocence, regaled the press with the promise that they’d heard nothing yet and walked off, tossing over her shoulder, “You can have my life story for twenty-five thousand!” But in April 1978, a month before her trial was due to begin, McKinney and May fled the country.


  • Unexplained Explosions near Canadian Border
  • Martial Law in a Small Arkansas Town
  • The Anthrax Perpetrator and the Arkansas Shooter Were Taking Antidepressants
  • Terms of sex cult leader’s release anger community
  • Class Action Suit Against DOJ Grows, Names Gonzales and Goodling as Defendants
  • IFPI Hijacks Pirate Bay Traffic
  • Professor Under Investigation For Mooning
  • Cryptic Launched a Star Trek Online trailer

  • (seriously does everythng need to have an associated MMO?)

    Also, there’s a great assesment of Google’s Knol worth reading, and Lawrence Lessig, Joichi Ito and Phil Rosedale’s panel - The Future of the Internet - is absolutely required viewing for interested net activists:

    I’m trying to picture an i9/11 event… until next time, I guess I should close with a fitting song. This is Write Fuck on the Wall, by Robin Banks:

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