Tuesday Afternoon

by Joseph Matheny on April 22, 2008

in Week In Review

trafficjam1.jpgWe’re revitalizing the Week in Review column. Look for bulletins on the Alterati Myspace profile every Tuesday which I will be cross posting here as well. This is the first such bulletin:

The Alternatives

The sanctuary is in front of you and the thief is behind you. If you go on, you win; if you sleep, you die.

-from The Way of the Sufi, p.95

It’s no secret that we’ve had some changes over the last year, but changes are good for Alterati, we’ve got good things on the way. The Gspot just keeps on coming and we’re hoping to make the Gspot better with your input.

First off, for my own reasons I’ve been reading some articles to apply to my own self-publishing efforts:

  • How Does a Bestseller Happen? A Case Study in Hitting #1 on the New York Times

  • Techdirt: Why Do So Many People Freak Out When They See ‘Free’ As Part
    Of A Business Model?

  • The Meme Machine and Susan Blackmore at TED 2008

  • “P2P Art – The aesthetics of ephemerality.”

    This last week saw a kind of performance art ripple across the net with the Yale student claiming she’d performed a series of abortions and intended to use them as a sculpture.

    A few months ago, a student in my town actually had the guts to do something, instead of simply talking about it, succeeding in triggering debate about art that will likely have much more of an effect than the Yale student’s hoax…

    At the very least, a performance piece requires a performance, if you’re looking to spark outrage, do something outrageous

    Otherwise you’re just another hoaxer, and will slip out of the news cycle. There’s always another hoax:

  • Marilyn Monroe Sex Tape story was an elaborate work of fiction
  • Meanwhile the piracy front is seeing some shifts in the political landscape

  • Europe ‘should not criminalise file-sharers’ – News – Builder AU
  • I touched on politics of piracy recently in my review of The Anarchist in the Library. Those of us who spend enough time online already know the truth, there’s no way to stem the flow of information exchange, and media is the primary currency of this attention economy. Hell, remember Tv-Links.Co.Uk? Here’s 38 sites to replace TV-Links.

    Yeah, I know, this is fast becoming a list of gnomer.jpgrandom links.
    Here’s a random thing to throw in there:

  • How about Neil Gaiman’s contribution to World Book Day 2008?

  • Creepy Gnome terrorises town in General Guemes, Salta, Argentina?
  • So this was the first Tuesday Afternoon bulletin for the Alterati Profile on Myspace.

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