Z-Q By Larry Carlson

by Joseph Matheny on May 20, 2007

Larry Carlson’s Z-Q

Jason Lubyk

Imagine 20th century European surrealist Max Ernst with the latest version of Photoshop and warbly beats echoing out of his computer speakers, White Widow crumbs on the work desk instead of half a bottle of wine.


I almost expect to spot a cryogenically preserved Loplop to appear as I look at Z.Q., a digital black and white book by multimedia artist Larry Carlson (some of his more innovative and multiverse straddling works can be found
here and


While some of the image’s effects are dulled by too high a dose of 90s rave psychedelia or a too sober a line to Surrealist predecessors, there are some genuinely mesmerizing and off-putting images here.


Possibly so off-putting because the realities visioned in these images are so strange and crazy, but seem more tightly harmonious and divinely ordered than our kitchen sink world, with its rusting stability, comforting virtualities suddenly powering off and coming back on so soon there is no time to question why.

See the rest and download a PDF here.

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